Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find “The Ruiner: A Casey Sparks Novel”?

On Amazon HERE. And more locations to come. Announcements will be made on my Facebook page –  So, be sure to give it a follow.

Are translations available?

Not at this time, but if sales in English warrant, I will work to get this translated into additional languages.

Is Cherry Hill, AL a real place?

No. The town is fictitious, but many other places mentioned are real or are based on real locations.

Is Murder Creek a real place?

Yes. Although its description as being a distributary of the Alabama River is incorrect. It is, in fact, a tributary of the Conecuh River further to the East. The fictional location of Cherry Hill is in the general area between the two real rivers.

Also, there are at least two competing stories claiming to explain the origin of the name. Both of them have to do with slaves, indigenous peoples, white travelers, and a robbery. But they diverge wildly in plot and in which people incited the incident.  

Is the Red Lion a real place?

Yes. The Red Lion in The Ruiner was inspired by a bar of the same name which used to operate in Mobile, Alabama. A sign with concrete lions existed, the main door was huge, the exterior was pained in a tutor style, and the inside (first story) was decorated exactly as described in the book.  Sadly, the real Red Lion closed many years ago. The sign is now gone and the location has been host to a variety of drinking establishments over the years and is currently operating as an “exclusive nightclub”.